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Friday, November 14, 2014


Assalamualaikum. Wr. Wb. I just wanna share anything about Social Networking what I know and as always be benefit for you all ^^. Social networking sites are currently emerging around us. There are at least three social networking sites that are so big which are Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus. Those are technology products that are favored by children, teenagers, and even adults. Through social networking services, we can make a new friend, expand the friends network, and knowing the situation that occurred in other places.

As the rapid growth of social networking usage from day to day, then all the parents and teachers should be the good supervisors. All parties include parents, teachers, government, and the society must work together so that the children can get a moral and logic education in order to deal with the development of technology.
It’s better that since this time, we always educate the children in order to adopt their attitude to the rapid technological growth. When we do not guide the children with advice and a closed supervision, they are very likely to be negatively impacted by the development of the technologies, especially social networking.

Basically, social media does have a variety of positive benefits. First, children can learn to develop social skills as well as technical skills in the cyberspace so that they can continue socializing, adapting, and even hanging out with friends in all over the word. Second, they also motivated to develop their self-efficacy and motivation based on the information from social media that makes them motivated to succeed. Third, they do not miss the latest information available in the world because of the spread of news and updates in social networking are quite fast.

Social media sites also make them become more empathetic to others because they usually comment on photos, videos, and status of their friends. Furthermore, they could also be keeping friendships even though do not physically meet.

Although social media has many positive benefits, but there are many negative impacts. A child can become a lazy communicator in the real world. They are likely have a bad level of understanding in verbal language.
Social media also makes children more selfish or individualistic. They do not realize that they have to communicate and empathize with other people in the real world. Furthermore, it is also a place that can be used to access all kinds of information even though those are bad information. Children who are easily affected by the other people, certainly will be quickly affected by bad suggestions available in social media.

Therefore, to avoid the danger and threat of social media, we must always keep the eyes on our children. Various forms of supervision are needed. First, we need to facilitate our kids with a computer and internet at home, so they do not need to go to internet cafes to access the Internet.
Place the computer in a room that is easily monitored such as the living room. That is intended to prevent children from accessing pornographic content and other harmful materials. You are also expected to always check the browser when our children stopped accessing the internet on a home computer.
With those information and solution, hopefully we can protect our children from the bad of social media and internet growth. I think that’s all and Wassalamualaikum wr wb.

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