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Thursday, February 19, 2015

CHAPUNK Friendship ^_^

Chapunk is the name of our friendship like a name of ganker in community about friendship, we are Anita, Della Tiara, Riri. CHAPUNK the first meaning from abbreviation and the mean CHAPUNK "C" Cantik, "A" Asik,"P" Periang, "U" Unik n "K" Keren, hahaha LOL, that meaning we have made just felt our caracter to be positive purpose. We are bestfriends from Junior High School. we had been OSIS when junior high school together. Happiness and sadness we have felt together. we always support our positive think we have done. Alhamdulillah we always keep silaturahmi until now. even if we have problem we shared to another we are and finish it together. we never walk alone and we have to share anything we have to give our problem and solution. just the way we are if do it together and forever. be success for you all my bestiest Della, Tiara, and Riri. Hope our dream will be come true soon and our friendship will keep romantic and sweet story ours. Amiin CHAPUNK BFF ( bestfriens forever) This is our Friendship story how about you? ;)

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