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Sunday, March 1, 2015


28 Februari 2015,
  Yeay today is a special day for me, coz I get 2 Invitations Fashion Show Indonesia Fashion Week 2015 from Sister Mona who using white khimar :), so happy I am and actually I go to JCC to see it with my lovely mom right now haha :D. Arrived there, I looked many peoples who want to see Fashion show and also visited the exhibition there and any event such as Talkshow, Fashion show, etc. At the first place, I went to Musholla with my mom. we prayed Dzuhur praying, after that we visit around  exhibition area there, such as Elzatta Bodd, and many more. and I didnt forget to taking picture in some place around exhibition area. and here I am yeayyy ;)

    after that, I visited stage 2 and many stage for coming in Parade show some designer such as, Qonita Batik present, Dian Perle Present, Van Lovis Present. I took many pictures and made video in this event. 

  Indonesia Fashion Week is a fashion movement. Which is firstly initiated by Indonesian Fashion Entrepreneur and Designer Association (APPMI). This idea comes with a big main idea: make Indonesia as one of the world’s center for fashion.
Therefore, in every implementation of Indonesia Fashion Week year by year. It is implemented through the synergy of four bid elements, including government, business/industries, associations and academician. The very first Indonesia Fashion Week conducted in February 2015 and took place at the Jakarta Convention Center.

And this event can make a good market in Indonesia, and show Fashion in Indonesia will grow better and one of the best fashion in the world :). I hope this event always to show up every years because many benefit we get and also make Indonesia as a trend country of fashion.

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