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Saturday, November 19, 2016

If you want your lipstick to stay on forever (and smell like peppermint mocha), try this liquid matte

Hasil gambar untuk lipstik wardah matte merah

   Girl wearing that lipstick that’s not quite red and not quite pink and seems permanently bonded to your lips, no matter how many slices of pepperoni pizza you eat, I see you. I see you, and I envy you, because the perfect bright lip makes an adult human woman appear instantly polished and put together. You don’t even need accessories when you wear the right lipstick — it does all the statement-making FOR you. Didn’t wash your hair this morning? Do your eyes seem to say, “help me I didn’t sleep much last night because I needed to finish work and now I am a shell of the person I used to be”? Do you hate every piece of godforsaken clothing item in your closet at the moment? Listen. You just need a few swipes of the perfect lipstick to make it all much better.

Hasil gambar untuk lipstik wardah matte merah
Hasil gambar untuk lipstik wardah matte merah

Other than it smelling and tasting like a novelty latte and possessing a gorgeous shade of red, it will LAST you all day. The color is unshakeable. I’ve eaten a wrap, a Chinese chicken salad, and tacos while wearing Wardah Matte Lipstick, and it barely made a dent in its mightiness. It’s also not too drying (although I always, always, always apply a swipe of Baby Lips before I wear *any* lipstick, because they’re just naturally desertly).
Here’s what it looks like (this is not me, I’m currently on an airplane and not near my ~precious~, but I can include a selfie later if you really want):

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